Thursday, May 10, 2012


This was before..
As u can see, aside from the wire tuck, everything else is hideous..

So im kinda anal when it comes to overall cleanliness..
So i transform those hideous creatures..
Into this..

Valve cover powder coated wrinkle red..
I/c piping and fuel rail powder coated wrinkle black..
Shaven intake manifold and throttle body powdercoated flat mirror silver..
New allen hardwares for most of the stuff..
Custom DIY radiator stay

Full AN catch tank setup..
Full AN fuel delivery setup..
Tucked ground wires and brake booster vacuum hose..
Refinished AC lines..
New silicone hoses everywhere..
Clean the shit out of everything from overspray, etc etc..

Intake pipe will be done as you're reading this..
And the 550, Z32 afm and power fc comes next..
Maybe in a couple of week time..

And now, im happy..
Because my bay doesnt look like dogshit anymore..

Friday, April 20, 2012

Back in Black!

It is very important that i start this post with a song from the most awesome band ever..

So the car has been gone through a lil makeover..
Not much, just change the color to Sepang Bronze of an e60 M5 and the viennas in gloss black..
Tire setup change up front for fender clearance and some low..
18x10 -1 215/35 feds ss595
18x12 -1 245/40 achilleswhatever
Fronts and rear respectively..

Oh well enough blabbering..
Enjoy the pics kids..

And some interior shots..
Well just 2..

If u remember my previous post about my goofy awesome friend who drives a pink rocket bunny s13..
He's the one that is responsible for this simple photo op..
I always loved his shot..

And particularly this next shot..
He was riding his bike..
With a dslr attached to a monopod or whatever you photodudes call it..
Upside down with a super cool remote switch to snap the pic..

So in short, him + right hand on the throttle + left hand holding the mono with dslr upside down WITH the remote switch + his head looking back + a few clicks later..

Yeah a bit blurry but whatever..
No rigs, no bullshit..
Straight up business..

So after driving for awhile..
Its back on stands again..
Gonna do some wear and tear..
A lil bling here and there..
The usual stuff..

So, see you when i see you..

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Its not rocket science

Step 1 : Acquire a car
Step 2 : Space it out accordingly
Step 3 : Lower it
Step 4 : Drive like a boss because u've earn it

If u fail, sell off the car, and commute with a bus instead and dont preach around asking people to lower theirs..