Saturday, May 29, 2010


So today i got the windshield installed..
Still need to send the broken aero to get it fixed..

Also went to TongTurbo..
A friend of mine wanted to do some surveys as he is currently rebuilding his sr20..
He brought his kid along..

That`s a GT30 iirc..

Drove quite a bit today..
The fronts are rubbing like crazy..
Removing the fenders tomorrow and will knock the shit out of the inner wheel well..
My neighbors will hate me..

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Never get to excited..

Installed 245/40 T1r`s on the 12j..

That`s a 3mil slip ons..

Had to swap springs in order to make the rear height level with the front..
The red one is the shitty one..
Fucking tall like fuck..

Yeah. Pretty much where i want it..

But the pass side is lower by 10mil..
I`m damn sure the shocks are set with similar height..
Maybe an alignment will fix that..

So i was soo fucking excited..
And decided to take it out for a spin..
To check for rubbage and all..
Then this happened..

So i totally forgot to fasten down the hood..
It flipped over and destroyed my windscreen..
The most retarded mistake ever..

Ah well..
Whats done is done..
Gonna swap the windscreen and send the hood to get it fixed..

Maybe this car is set to fail..

Monday, May 24, 2010


It`s nearly done..
But i kinda want to do one more thing to the bay..

Since tyre choices are gay in Malaysia (there`s no 225/35/18 anywhere!!)..
I had to settle with 225/40 on my 10j front instead (yes!!! even 215/40 is not available!!)..
With that, i kinda need to tub the fenders for future modification to them front knuckles..
Also, i want to paint it in a bright color..

So i might be doing this..
Which makes the completion of this project to be delayed..

Back in 08/09 iirc..
I saw this pic floating around the net..
Owned by an Aussie dude named Nigel..
It has been my inspiration ever since..

I`m lovin those tubs..

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I kinda hate wheels with polished lip and black centers..
So i have mine polished..
They turn out pretty damn good..

The wheels before..

Fronts polished..

Rears polished..

Tried to fit some used 255/35 on a 12j..

Yeah FUCK YOU used tires!!!
The used 255s wont hold air..
Need to buy some fresh new tires..

In the same size of course..

Thanks to all who helped me yesterday!!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Lazy Update

Went to Bolt&Nut at Jalan Ipoh yesterday to source some supplies..
To install this..

Also adjust the stock RUCA to eliminate some -ve camber..
Proper alignment comes next..