Monday, December 13, 2010

Expansion Tank

So after i did my tubs, the stock expansion tank kinda just chillin there..
Like so..

Which looks like shit..
And i wanted to do address this issue for so long..

Being cheap and all, i came out with this..

Oh don`t you worry technical nerds..
There`s a hose going to the bottom of the tank on the inside from the fitting..
And there`s a small hole i drilled on the other side as breather..
If that make sense..

Placement wise..
I kinda tucked it on the chassis rail by the radiator..
Like so..

No more shit fuck tank..

After i did this, i feel the urge to upgrade my radiator as well..
Currently my cooling setup consists of s14 2 layer rad, stock clutch fan, no thermo..
Temps are good so far..
But a bit more bling wouldn`t hurt..

Nom nom nom..