Monday, December 13, 2010

Expansion Tank

So after i did my tubs, the stock expansion tank kinda just chillin there..
Like so..

Which looks like shit..
And i wanted to do address this issue for so long..

Being cheap and all, i came out with this..

Oh don`t you worry technical nerds..
There`s a hose going to the bottom of the tank on the inside from the fitting..
And there`s a small hole i drilled on the other side as breather..
If that make sense..

Placement wise..
I kinda tucked it on the chassis rail by the radiator..
Like so..

No more shit fuck tank..

After i did this, i feel the urge to upgrade my radiator as well..
Currently my cooling setup consists of s14 2 layer rad, stock clutch fan, no thermo..
Temps are good so far..
But a bit more bling wouldn`t hurt..

Nom nom nom..

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Monday, November 22, 2010

Putrajaya Revisited

Credit goes to Hakimi Daniel..
More pics soon..

I`m dead broke now..

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Oh Hi!

Went to Putrajaya last weekend..
I just did a few runs to finish up the rear tyres..
Dammit place is awesome..
Will be going back next month for sure!!

And a short video..
Dont mind the music..
DJ kinda suck..

Pictures from Ammar Gencos..
Video from Zamil..
More pics soon..

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I never fancy engine bays with wires flying around..
So when i "rebuild" my car, i did some wire tuck..
My first time doing shit like this ever..
It was pain in the ass..
But i like it!!!

I`ll do something on the fuel rail side..
Maybe some AN fitings and adjustable fpr..
Going full AN on the catch tank setup..

Ignore the s14 rad, coolant resevoir, ghetto i/c piping, stock intake pipe and ugly rocker cover..
I`ll work on that later..

Sunday, October 17, 2010


For some reason i love both of this..
My friend took it..
I`m imagining it with BN instead of Uras..
Goddammit i need BN..

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Well actually it`s some sort of demo/thrill rides for some uni students...
Personally i think of it as practice run..
Space is small and wet..
1st gear..
Yes i am not fucking with you..


It was fun as hell..
Gathering with friends..
Good times..

My friend took this with his phone..

Awaiting for more shots..
Stay tuned..

Friday, October 1, 2010

Testing 1, 2, 3..

Tested the meister on with 38mil spacer..

Apparently, 38mm is too much..
The overs were literally being pushed out by the tyres..

I`m guessing 30mil should do it??
Anyway, here`s some damage from driving and drifting around since the car is driveable (duh)..

Not gonna do shit about it..
When the kit got totally busted, i`m going bn..
My long lost love..

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Work Meister S2..
18x10 +15 all around..
Less dish than the Viennas..

Monday, September 27, 2010


So basically my college got a dyno machine..
And students get to use it for free..
So i thought what the hell..
Just for shits and giggles..

And here`s the result..

Here`s a story..
I have this awesome Yashio Factory water temp gauge that can read error codes..
And since my car is drivable, it`s been pulling the knock sensor code 34/36 iirc..
The car drove like a bitch..

So i borrowed my friends knock sensor and replaced it couple of days before the dyno run..
And the car runs good now..
No codes no nothing..
Thanks to Megat for lending me his sensor (sell to me ok bro.. :p)

Outcome was as predicted..
Only has a t28 boosted at .9 bar..
Stock everything else except for exhaust, tial 38mm, i/c, fp and stuff..
I do have 550, and power fc lying around..
Gonna find z32 afm and throw it all together and get it tuned..
Maybe upgrade to a gt-ss when my current one blow up..
Not gunning for some crazy high hp stuff..
Just enough to spin the rear tyres and have some fun..

So yeah..
Oh and on the graph, the blue line is the 3rd gear pull and the green line is the 4th..

Monday, August 30, 2010


I`ve been lacking updates..

Been very very busy..

Hari Raya is coming..

This and that..


Anyway, enjoy this few pictures..

Yeah, i know..

Hardparking AGAIN..

Action shots coming soon i hope..

Oh and i fixed the damaged caused by the flying hood..

And also installed 4 (yes, fuckin 4) SPARKO hood pins..

But i didnt take the picture of those..

Ah well, enjoy what i have currently!!

In those pics, the color kinda pops out more..
Credits to Amar for the pictures..

Maybe it`s just me, or something is missing..

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


The front hood flipped AGAIN..
Sent it to get fixed..
Paint in a couple of days..
Luckily the windshield survived..

No pics guys..
It`s too painfull..

I Like This Shot

Awesome photo by Raymie Jay..

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Some fancy photos from Cicakman..

For more high res shots, please visit his offical site..

I would like to thank Cicakman, Jawa, and Vuitton for the wonderfull photos..

Freedoms Crew`s Bob, Bob Gen2, Jepp, Jazaaaak!!! and Jai for being the bestest friends..

More pictures from Jawa and Amar Gencos coming up next!!!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Can`t Touch This

After like 4 years of owning a car with crap paint and condition..
And after 3 years 'building'..
It`s DONE..
Well, most of it..
Still need some minor touch ups here and there..
Front fenders need some tweaking, bonnet pins need to be installed..
A/C need to be done a.s.a.p..
Etc etc..

So on to the pictures..
And this time, i used a proper camera!!!

I would like to thank god for giving me the strength to finish up this junk..
My cool family members for the support (I heart you guys)..
All you rad motherfuckers who helps me along the way..
- Freedoms Crew (Bob, Lan, Ipin)
- Trip Bs (Budak-Budak Bukit) : Abg Jepp, Megat, Nick Gad, Burn Lancer, Melvin, Koopang, Joe Gaban, Sham, Latip, Brenco, Bob 1j, Bob Gen2, Eddy, Mer Ceffy, Jai, Jaza, Din Nismo, Pekan, Benz, Amat DX, Xpitt, Apis Arbi, Bonox, Isz Manta, Man, Poi, Ijad BAR BAR BARRRR, Ahmad N Selamat, Boy Tetek, Eez, Kule, ABANG FLLLYYYYY!!!!!!,
- Lyzard Laki (too bad you didn`t have your car anymore BRO) :p
- Drifthouse (Ah Kai and Joehann, you guys ROCK!!!)
- My welder, Za for the awesome job..
- Keng and Fred
- Temujin (thanks for the dental care bro :D)
- Dori-Dori Autoparts
- 0901B
- My neighbors for enduring all the noise throughout the years..
- Zali for the awesome paintjob..

and to all who i forgot to mention,
thank you..
so very much..
i really appreciate it..


Thursday, July 29, 2010


Crap picture again and again..

Wetsand, polish and wax comes next..

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I`m not sure if this will arouse anger..
Or maybe will offend some people..
But i can assure you, that`s not the intention..
It`s purely from my POV and i believe some of my friends think alike..

Drifting in Malaysia has gone waaaaay back..
Through ups and downs..
Up till now, we can see drifting has evolved to a new level..
Where a lot of drift comps are happening nowadays compared to last time..
Formula D, Goodyear Events, FxOpen 1Drift, AFamosa Drift Challenge etc etc..
Which is good..


Despite all that, places to actually enjoy drifting is very limited..
We do not have sufficient track..
Sepang??? forget abt it..
Mostly the event is being held at huge empty space..
With cones and stuff..
Or a go-kart track..

For a privateer to enter a drift comp is bloody expensive..
Nowadays most events require FIA stuffs..
Rollcage, harness, and all that jazz..
And usually, privateers play with a road legal car..

So where the hell do these privateers go to let off their steam??
Oh we have weekly/yearly free run events..


How to put it..
OK, lemme make an example..
My car = 60k + 30k +- for all the shit i`ve done to it from the beginning up till now..
That`s roughly 100k alone in ONE road legal driftable car..
Which is a fuckloads of money for an average person..

Free run entry fees = RM50 (for most cases)
Track condition = Like shit. Fucking moon surface..

I can accept that crashing in drifting is common..
But what if i am drifting..
Fucking sidelong in 3rd..
Then suddenly..
I hit an uneven surface with a pothole in the middle of the track..
There goes my rear lower arm..
Oh hey i crack my subframe too..
Oh wait what is that??
Oh my aero is all in pieces..
Look Look!!!! My rad support is kinked as well..
Will i accept that??

I made this post simply because i did some reading earlier..
One of my friend was "sarcastically flamed" by an event organizer..
Simply because he suggest to slightly alter the track layout cause the current layout consist of speeding through a fucking BUMP!!!...
And during the last session, my friend broke his axle arm going through that area..

And surprisingly the organizer told him off..
By saying that if a "drifter" is afraid of damaging his/her car, he/she should enter car shows instead..
Hey dude, you guys are either sponsored or using track cars..
s13 track car = RM10 + RM10k +- for modification..
Hey thats 80k shy of what i`ve spend on mine..
Are you being ignorant??? or simply retarded???
And the damage is not cause by collision, it`s caused by the FUCKING BUMP!!!
The current layout demands you to go over THE FUCKING BUMP!!!
What the fuck with this FUCKING BUMP!!!
Oh maybe the organizer should do something about it..
I dunno, maybe make the surface level???
Or maybe if the organizer want to feed his babies with the entry fees, he can change the layout like what my friend suggested???

I feel sorry for him..
He`s a student with a passion for drifting..
But if this goes on..
Where do privateers with limited budget that daily their car go??
The streets???

Maybe one will reply "you need to pay to play, boy"..
Pay for a fucking retarded surface???
Hell no..
I`d rather pay for a hooker, SON!!


Sunday, July 25, 2010


24 x 14 off -26..
those dish is 11" deep..
tyre size unknown..


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The End is Near....?

So i kinda need to do tubs right (i`ve explained this awhile back)..
And it happened..

I did a mistake by cutting the original wheel tub at home when my car was on stands..
At that point i thought my friend could rent me his mig..
But it turns out that he`s using 3 phase!!!
My mistake..

Anyway i`ve came to a point that i want to get this car done ASAP..
Since there`s an event in Perlis coming up this August..
And a good friend of mine want to use my car for his wedding ceremony..
So yeah..
Fuck it and drive WITHOUT the wheel tubs in place..
Like this..

I`ve read that a few cars (same chassis) drove without the wheel tub and live..
But i kinda cut the strut tower as well..
So i added some "triangulation" or whatever you wanna call it for a lil peace of mind....
And it lived!!!!

This was my first experience doing such things like this EVER..
Same goes with my welder..
It turns out goooooooooooood..
I would like to thank my welder for being such an awesome friend..

After the tubs is done..
I`ve got a shitload of clearance...
No rubbing at all..
Which makes me wanna go a liiiiiiiiiitle bit lower..
Maybe like 10mm..
We`ll see..

So now the car is at the paintshop..
Color is still undecided..
Hopefully will be completed by end of next week..

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Remember the stuff that i sent a month ago to get some fabrication done (super angle and adjustable rucas)??
Well it`s not happening (long story)..
So i had to get another set of knuckles, s14 flca and ruca..
And the car is now at my welders place getting the tubs done..
Paint is coming next..

U can kinda see the driver side tub is being made..
Credit to Freedoms Crew`s founder for the pic..
And also for lending me the BROpexi air filter..