Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sorry! Still no Tits Included!!

All yous still remember them pics??

The dude bro that took it is a good friend of mine..
He used to own a few right wheel drive cars..
Currently driving an s13..

So a couple days back he asked whether i can help him change his front headlights..
From the hideous projectors to bricks..
Since i'm reviving the chariot i thot what the hell..

Then he arrived, with this..
Just installed the super awesome RocketBunny kit and painted pink..
Stock auto sr20de for now..
Progressing at a slow pace as he just acquired a house (good for you bro)
And the car gets driven by his wife too..
Which is awesome..

Then a few mins later..
This other dude bro showed up..
Who owns the most awesome X80 chassis in Malaysia PERIOD..
Which is this one..
If feels really good to have awesome friends..

Oh and apparently the headlights swap is a straight forward one..
Thank you NISSAN for making our life easier..


Thursday, January 5, 2012

Oh hey dudes!!

You remember this dude bro from my previous post??

And the car he's driving??

Well that was a couple years ago..

So you dudes know what happen when you have a bit of awesome mixed into your personality??
This happened..

Dude bro even managed to acquire some fame along the way..
You know, chicks, flash, red carpet, the usual stuff..

Pretty awesome innit!!!