Monday, August 30, 2010


I`ve been lacking updates..

Been very very busy..

Hari Raya is coming..

This and that..


Anyway, enjoy this few pictures..

Yeah, i know..

Hardparking AGAIN..

Action shots coming soon i hope..

Oh and i fixed the damaged caused by the flying hood..

And also installed 4 (yes, fuckin 4) SPARKO hood pins..

But i didnt take the picture of those..

Ah well, enjoy what i have currently!!

In those pics, the color kinda pops out more..
Credits to Amar for the pictures..

Maybe it`s just me, or something is missing..

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


The front hood flipped AGAIN..
Sent it to get fixed..
Paint in a couple of days..
Luckily the windshield survived..

No pics guys..
It`s too painfull..

I Like This Shot

Awesome photo by Raymie Jay..

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Some fancy photos from Cicakman..

For more high res shots, please visit his offical site..

I would like to thank Cicakman, Jawa, and Vuitton for the wonderfull photos..

Freedoms Crew`s Bob, Bob Gen2, Jepp, Jazaaaak!!! and Jai for being the bestest friends..

More pictures from Jawa and Amar Gencos coming up next!!!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Can`t Touch This

After like 4 years of owning a car with crap paint and condition..
And after 3 years 'building'..
It`s DONE..
Well, most of it..
Still need some minor touch ups here and there..
Front fenders need some tweaking, bonnet pins need to be installed..
A/C need to be done a.s.a.p..
Etc etc..

So on to the pictures..
And this time, i used a proper camera!!!

I would like to thank god for giving me the strength to finish up this junk..
My cool family members for the support (I heart you guys)..
All you rad motherfuckers who helps me along the way..
- Freedoms Crew (Bob, Lan, Ipin)
- Trip Bs (Budak-Budak Bukit) : Abg Jepp, Megat, Nick Gad, Burn Lancer, Melvin, Koopang, Joe Gaban, Sham, Latip, Brenco, Bob 1j, Bob Gen2, Eddy, Mer Ceffy, Jai, Jaza, Din Nismo, Pekan, Benz, Amat DX, Xpitt, Apis Arbi, Bonox, Isz Manta, Man, Poi, Ijad BAR BAR BARRRR, Ahmad N Selamat, Boy Tetek, Eez, Kule, ABANG FLLLYYYYY!!!!!!,
- Lyzard Laki (too bad you didn`t have your car anymore BRO) :p
- Drifthouse (Ah Kai and Joehann, you guys ROCK!!!)
- My welder, Za for the awesome job..
- Keng and Fred
- Temujin (thanks for the dental care bro :D)
- Dori-Dori Autoparts
- 0901B
- My neighbors for enduring all the noise throughout the years..
- Zali for the awesome paintjob..

and to all who i forgot to mention,
thank you..
so very much..
i really appreciate it..