Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Work Meister S2..
18x10 +15 all around..
Less dish than the Viennas..

Monday, September 27, 2010


So basically my college got a dyno machine..
And students get to use it for free..
So i thought what the hell..
Just for shits and giggles..

And here`s the result..

Here`s a story..
I have this awesome Yashio Factory water temp gauge that can read error codes..
And since my car is drivable, it`s been pulling the knock sensor code 34/36 iirc..
The car drove like a bitch..

So i borrowed my friends knock sensor and replaced it couple of days before the dyno run..
And the car runs good now..
No codes no nothing..
Thanks to Megat for lending me his sensor (sell to me ok bro.. :p)

Outcome was as predicted..
Only has a t28 boosted at .9 bar..
Stock everything else except for exhaust, tial 38mm, i/c, fp and stuff..
I do have 550, and power fc lying around..
Gonna find z32 afm and throw it all together and get it tuned..
Maybe upgrade to a gt-ss when my current one blow up..
Not gunning for some crazy high hp stuff..
Just enough to spin the rear tyres and have some fun..

So yeah..
Oh and on the graph, the blue line is the 3rd gear pull and the green line is the 4th..